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Pass The Sashimi Please: Sushi Go! Gameplay & Review

by Atika Zamimi

We all know that sharing is caring, but with Sushi Go! you might want to keep the best delicacies to yourself. Sushi Go! is a fast-paced card game that will surely raise your anticipation levels (but hopefully not your blood pressure levels) every round as you pass the adorably drawn sushi cards to your friends. Make sure to choose and collect the best ones so that you can end up with the highest score at the end to win the game.



Players: 2 to 5

Playtime: 15 to 20 minutes average

Overview: Sushi Go! is a card drafting game that is played over the course of three rounds. Players are randomly dealt several cards at the start. The number of cards dealt is based on the number of players. Each round, players choose a card to keep and then simultaneously pass the remaining cards in their hands to the player next to them (left or right, the group chooses). Each card and combinations of certain cards holds a variety of score points (see below). Once all three rounds are completed, scores points from the first to the last are calculated. The goal of the game is to have the most points at the end of the third round.


Components: 108 cards

14 x Tempura

14 x Sashimi

14 x Dumpling

12 x 2 Maki rolls

10 x Salmon Nigiri

10 x Pudding

8 x 3 Maki rolls

6 x 1 Maki roll

6 x Wasabi

5 x Squid Nigiri

5 x Egg Nigiri

4 x Chopsticks

Tempura: 2 tempura cards is worth 5 points. One tempura card does not provide any points.

Sashimi: 3 sashimi cards is worth 10 points. One or two sashimi cards does not provide any points.

Dumpling: Points increase with every dumpling card. For 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 dumpling cards, you get 1, 3, 6, 10, 15 points respectively.

Maki Rolls: Player with the most maki roll icons score 6 points, second most icons score 3 points. If there is a tie, score is split the 6 or 3 points evenly, rounded up.

Nigiri: There are 3 types of nigiri cards. Squid nigiri is worth 3 points, salmon nigiri is worth 2 points, and egg nigiri is worth 1 point.

Pudding: While other cards are calculated and discarded after each round, pudding cards are kept throughout the 3 rounds until the end of the game. The player with the most pudding cards scores 6 points. Players with the least pudding cards (yes, including zero) loses 6 points.

Wasabi: Does not provide any points on its own. Triples the point of the next Nigiri card you play.

Chopsticks: Does not provide any points on its own. Allows players to play two cards from their hands in one turn.


If you’re looking for a game that is quick to learn and play, but still has an element of risk and reward, then Sushi Go! is a great choice. With its wonderfully drawn characters and simple card drafting mechanics, you can pull it up during a quick lunch break or have a Go! right before dinner time. While it has minimal rules ­– pick and pass – players will quickly notice that having a good strategy is still an important component of the game. Should you put down this set of Tempura, or risk choosing this Wasabi in hopes there’s a Sashimi card in the next pass? Maybe if you put this one Pudding, no one else will? This game will have you second guessing your friends and even yourself.

Definitely a beginner friendly game, and a quick pick-me-up for those who are more experienced. Rent Sushi Go! today and try it out yourself!


About the Author
Atika Zamimi is a freelance writer and digital artist based in Kuala Lumpur.
She tries her best to squeeze in boardgames and D&D between work, socialising, and being a loyal servant to her two cats.
Find her on LinkedIn or e-mail her at atikazamimi@gmail.com.

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