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Top 5 Deception Games

by Atika Zamimi

Are you someone who finds pleasure in tricking your friends? Do you think you have the best poker face? Can you hide your secret identity to other people while being under a lot of pressure? Then you’ll LOVE deception games!


Deception games is a popular (and the best *coughs*) genre of board games that requires you to, obviously, deceive your fellow players. Typically, a group or solo trickster will go against the majority and will have to bluff their way into winning. Deception games vary in mechanics and are best played with close friends to find out who is the biggest liar and who can’t keep a straight face. Here’s our top 5 deception games you can start off with:


One Night Ultimate Werewolf

Potentially the most famous deception game that has inspired many others, One Night Ultimate Werewolf tells the story of a small village with quirky characters and also a pack of werewolves who hunt and eat the villagers at night! The villagers must find out and eliminate the werewolves and they, in turn, must hide their identities in order to continue feasting at night. Whether you’re a group of 5 friends or a party of 75 (who has that many friends?), ONUW will have you huffing and puffing in anticipation.



A simple yet highly addictive game, Coup is a 2-5 player game that will have you questioning everyone’s identity. Starting off with two character cards and two coins, you will have to kill off other players by either paying for a coup or calling out their bluff. This game requires a lot of identity theft (insert The Office reference here) and it can be pretty easy with five characters, but don’t let your guard down or someone might doubt you out of the game!


The Resistance

Will you join The Resistance? In this game of 5-10, players are divided into two camps: The Resistance and The Imperial spies. During each round, players discuss as a roundtable on who The Leader should bring to the mission, allocated by a number of tokens. This is where you’ll use your deduction skills to guess who’s who. Beware, if The Leader accidentally brings an Imperial spy, the mission is sabotaged!



Where art thou Mordred’s minions? If you love The Resistance, then you’ll also love the medieval version of it: Avalon. The basic mechanics are the same as The Resistance, where the good guys are Arthur’s knights and the bad guys being Mordred’s minions, but Avalon has some interesting character abilities that will either help you keep Arthur’s identity safe or silence his companions forever. Avalon is a standalone game but can be combined with The Resistance. Rent Avalon from just RM9.99 here! 


Hi ho! Hi ho! Let’s find some gold and be on our merry way. But wait, I think someone closed this shaft on purpose! In Saboteur, players (up to ten) play as dwarves who are mining for gold at the end of their respective tunnels. Three downturned cards at the end may hold the gold or decoys, so be smart in finding the right turn to be the lucky winner. The secret saboteurs must sneakily prevent the miners from ever getting to the gold without revealing their identity.

Now that we have you intrigued, try out some deception games today by renting deception themed boardgames from us!

Other deception themed games worth mentioning that are available on nonamegames include Secret Hitler & Betrayal at House on the Hill!

Disclaimer: We are not responsible for any friendships ruined from these games.


About the Author

Atika Zamimi is a freelance writer and digital artist based in Kuala Lumpur.
She tries her best to squeeze in boardgames and D&D between work, socialising, and being a loyal servant to her two cats.
Find her on LinkedIn or e-mail her at atikazamimi@gmail.com.

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