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Where Do I Play Board Games?

 by Atika Zamimi

Now that you’ve rented a board game or two from our catalogue, you’re probably going to need a few friends and a place to actually play. Well, you’re in luck! With how portable most board games are, you can find a bunch of places to open table and start having fun. So, pack your bags and head over to these locations:


Board Game Cafes

The more obvious yet underrated place to play board games! If you’re in the Klang Valley and PJ area, there are a number of board game cafes that allows customers to come in and play board games, whether from their store collection or by bringing your own. Some cafes charge per hour while others per head count. While you’re there, most cafes also offer a wide selection of food and drinks that will surely fill you up. Can’t win on an empty stomach!

Some board game cafes you can visit are Meeples, Invictus Forge, and Vivae Board Game.


The Office

Grab your co-workers after working hours and have a de-stressing board game session. Skip the horrible traffic jam during rush hour and stay a while to play a few rounds of Codenames or Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza (yes…that’s the name of the game). You can even take turns on deciding who rents what games every week! Ignite some team bonding spirit and while we don’t encourage office gossip, you might even get some tea on your bosses (wink).


Festive Gatherings

As we grow older, festivities might start to lose their spark. Kids are on their devices and the elders don’t really know how to connect with them. Bridge the gap and bring back some holiday cheer by renting board games to play! Have the whole family play some hilarious rounds of Drama Pukul 7 during Eid, yummy Happy Dim Sum for Chinese New Year, and visually aesthetic Azul for Deepavali. Make sure to rent Betrayal at House on the Hill for Halloween and Ticket to Ride for Christmas for that extra oomph!


A Romantic Date

Ah yes, what better way to impress that one person you’ve been crushing on for a few months than to crush them at Exploding Kittens? Just kidding! Unless…

Whether you’ve been with your partner for 5 years or 5 days, a nice board game would definitely help you discover things about them you never had. Are they a pro at Throw Throw Burrito? Do they sulk like a sore loser after losing several rounds of Sequence? Only one way to find out! Pro tip: you can even set up a double date with some other couple friends because sharing is caring.



If you’re like me and would rather stay indoors during staycations, then it’s best to bring along a board game when the boredom sets in. Better yet, have a week-long staycation with some friends and have each person bring a game to play for each day of the week. Rent Fake Artist Goes To New York or Wingspan and play in your soft pyjamas while sipping on hot cocoa. Bliss~


About the Author

Atika Zamimi is a freelance writer and digital artist based in Kuala Lumpur.
She tries her best to squeeze in boardgames and D&D between work, socialising, and being a loyal servant to her two cats.
Find her on LinkedIn or e-mail her at atikazamimi@gmail.com.

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