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Why You Should Rent Board Games!

by Atika Zamimi

So, you’ve decided to start getting into board games.

Maybe it piqued your interest after a quick session of Exploding Kittens with your friends at a dinner party or one of your colleagues brought along Codenames for a post-work destress activity. Diving into the world of board games can be extremely fun, but also overwhelming for a newbie. We know, we’ve all been there.

Hold your horses! Instead of spending your next paycheck on a new set of games, why not rent them? You’ll find that renting board games have a lot more benefits than just straight up buying one. Oh, you want to know some of those benefits? Read on, nerd. (Reason #3 will surprise you!)


#1 Commitment issues

We get it. With the piling “to-do list” for work, quality time with the family, running errands on the weekends, and just wanting some quiet me-time, you’re not entirely sure if that RM100+ game of yours will be played frequently or collect dust in the closet alongside your previous yeah-I’ll-start-collecting-these Funko Pop! figures. Renting board games takes that pressure of commitment off your shoulders AND your wallet. You can rent games for special occasions like a birthday party, a festive get-together, or a month-long holiday and return them once your schedule is packed again. No strings attached!


#2 Testing the waters

By renting board games, you can do a Mambo No. 5 and get a little bit of everything without forking out the last of your savings. Try out Sushi Go with your nieces and nephews this weekend, then spend hours on Catan with your cousins the next week and end the month playing Ticket to Ride with your friends. The choices are endless, and you get to try out the games before deciding to buy one for your permanent collection if you wish to. This can help you determine the type of gameplay that work best for your group or gives space for experimentation if you want to branch out and try a different type of unique game mechanic.


#3 Low cost, low risk (surprise!)

As any hobby, board game collecting can be an expensive new obsession. With hundreds of new games coming out every year by big corporations or indie game creators on Kickstarter, you’re looking at hundreds if not thousands of ringgits being spent on them. When you’re just starting out, it’s best to take the low-cost road to discover if this is an activity you truly enjoy before sealing the deal. With nonamegames, you can rent board games for as low as RM9.99 with no deposits or late fees. This is your chance to really get to know the games you’re interested in with no risk of regret in the future.


In short, for a fraction of the cost of purchasing a boardgame, you can have 100% of the fun at little to no risk. Ready to rent some board games with us? Check out our growing catalogue here!


About the Author
Atika Zamimi is a freelance writer and digital artist based in Kuala Lumpur.
She tries her best to squeeze in boardgames and D&D between work, socialising, and being a loyal servant to her two cats.
Find her on LinkedIn or e-mail her at atikazamimi@gmail.com.

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